Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Some Things are Not to be Shared

Today I discovered Penzu, a free online diary and personal journal. What I like about Penzu is, unlike any other online diaries, you don't have to do any setting for the privacy of your entries. Because it is private by default.

Since Blogger doesn't have an option to hide any individual entries from public, I'm going to write things that I don't want to share with anybody in there (in fact, I've started writing my first entry this afternoon). It's cool. It's like you're writing on a sheet of paper...because the 'pad' is really look like a paper from a school exercise book. I really like it. You should too. 


AttOkz Dikulgai said...

FYI, i've already reg with penzu last yrs.
Online diary, for your own. Only.

Siti R said...

Ye la...org ketinggalan kereta api..