Friday, July 10, 2009

Do The Right Thing and Do Things Right

I was given the privileged to be one of the first batch of employees to attend a staff briefing this afternoon. It's all about code of ethics, attendance and dress code. The talk was given by our very own HR Head, Cik A.

The briefing started with an activity. We were divided into groups...there were 5 groups and I was in group 3. What was in store? Well, each group was given one crossword puzzle and 15 minutes to finish it. How cool! I'd not been doing crossword puzzles for such a long time...used to be my favourite waste of time when I was much younger...haha...
Actually Cik A did it on let us aware of its benefits. Do you know that crossword puzzles can actually boost our memory and increase our intelligence (really...?) if we keep doing it? Well I don't know about it if Cik A did not mention about it. I used to think that crossword puzzles are just for fun. But to think about it, I guess the other benefit of crossword puzzle is that it trains you to be more focus, don't you think? Thanks Cik A, now I know. Oh yeah, my group finished we did not get the 6 yummy chocolate bars (darn!) because there's only one winners; the fastest group that finished the challenge...sigh...

Then, came the uninvited sleep-inducing part - the talk. Well, actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, one segment of the talk really made me think hard. Why? Because Cik A was asking us what do we understand about 'do the right thing and do thing right.' If you think there is no difference between the 2 phrases, you're wrong my friend. They may sound similar, but there's a thin line that gave 'em different meanings.

Cik A picked us randomly to give our very own definitions of the phrases. I had a gut feeling that she would eventually asked me...hehe. And I was right! Geeeshh...I did the right thing by thinking about it and did things right by answering her question with confidence (man...why didn't I answer her this way, eh.."well Cik A I do the right thing by thinking that you would ask me the question and I do thing right by answering it in a proper way, not just urm..ah...or no comment").

Well, of course I did not answer her that way...nak mampus! My answer was short, simple and straight to the point - just like yours truly...hahaha...So, check out my answers below:

Do the right thing - how we prioritise our work

Do thing right - the way our work should be executed (apola yang den merepek ni, eh?)

I stand true to my first answer...the second is the one that needs more elaboration, I guess. However, if I can answer it in one word, the above phrases are about 'productivity'. Yup, that's what I think. What do you think?

In work, I always face with this dilemma; too much works to do, but which is which to start first? Handling too many work portfolios, I face with this dilemma every single day of my working life. And I tell you, I'm still having problem on how to prioritise my work. Everything seems to be important...everything seems to be urgent...and everything seems to be important and urgent. It can be frustrating and it can be demotivating. Least I can do is, do the best that I can to settle my works. Anything that's not so important and not so urgent, can always be delegated to someone else (do thing right?). So, I think do thing right means we do the right thing in an effective and efficient way. In short, work smart.

Anyway, after torturing us, Cik A gave a simple example to explain what is meant by 'do the right thing and do thing right' - punctuality. How do we make sure we come to work early? Clock-in before 8.30 a.m. (do the right thing). So, how to do it right? By waking up that, eh ? Now I understand :P

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