Saturday, October 02, 2010

True Blue

Just took a colour personality quiz. So, I'm happened to be a Relaxed person...just as I thought. Colour that suits me is none other than blue! No wonder I always inclined to this colour.

Oh, well...below is the result of the quiz:

"You are easy-going and likes to take on life at a relaxed pace. You have a deep need for peace and harmony in your life and don't like your feathers ruffled.

You are not impulsive or spontaneous - you always think before you speak and act and do everything at your own pace in your own time. You take time to process and share your feelings.

You don't like to draw attention to yourself - you prefer to be in the background. You are approachable and friendly, always making people feel welcome in your life."

Yup. Couldn't agree more. Now you know what kind of person I am. Don't you think now it's your turn to find out what is your true colour? Click here then.   

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